Enhance Your Video Calls with the EMEET C950 Webcam


The EMEET C950 is a 1080P webcam that offers a range of features for an enhanced video conferencing and online communication experience. With its physical privacy cover, noise-canceling microphone, and easy compatibility with various video tools, this webcam aims to provide convenience and privacy. In this review, I will share my personal experience using the EMEET C950 and discuss its performance and value for money.

I recently purchased the EMEET C950 webcam for my online meetings and video calls. Setting it up was a breeze – all I had to do was plug it into my laptop’s USB port, and it was ready to go. The image quality was impressive, with sharp and clear visuals in 1080P resolution. I noticed that even in low-light environments, the webcam automatically adjusted the exposure to provide optimal lighting for my video.

The noise-canceling microphone was another standout feature. It effectively filtered out background noise, ensuring that my voice came through clearly during online calls. This was particularly useful when working in open spaces or noisy environments. I also appreciated the privacy cover, which added an extra layer of protection when the webcam was not in use.

Compatibility was not an issue with the EMEET C950. It worked seamlessly with various video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. I found it to be highly compatible with both Windows and MacOS, as well as Linux and Android TV.

Innovative and Fashion Privacy Protection


The EMEET C950 web camera comes with a physical privacy cover slide that provides protection against immoral and unlawful shootings. With a simple slide, you can block the camera when not in use, ensuring your privacy. The privacy cover is designed to match the aesthetic of the C950 webcam, adding a fashionable touch to your setup.

1080P Webcam with Specialized Software


The C950 webcam is equipped with a 2-megapixel sensor that delivers sharp and clear images at 1080p resolution and 30FPS. It also features low-light correction, automatically adjusting the exposure for optimal image quality even in dimly lit environments. With the EMEETLINK software, you can further customize video and image parameters to suit your preferences.

70° Small View


The C950 webcam offers a 70° ultra-wide-angle lens, making it ideal for personal use in online conferences or classes. It keeps you at the center of the frame without revealing too much of your surroundings, ensuring your privacy. The fixed focus feature ensures stable and precise image quality, allowing you to surf the internet with peace of mind.

Noise Cancelling Mic Ideal for Open Space


The C950 webcam features a noise-canceling microphone that enhances the sound quality of your live videos and online calls. It filters out ambient noise, making your communication more natural and clear. The compact size of the webcam allows for easy portability, making it convenient for use in open spaces or while working remotely.

Easy to Use with Wide Compatibility


Setting up the C950 webcam is a breeze. Simply plug it in, and it’s ready to use. There’s no need for any additional drivers or complicated setup processes. The webcam is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, Android TV, and Linux. It also works seamlessly with popular video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

Watch before you buy!


If you’re considering purchasing a webcam for your desktop, the C950 webcam is worth considering. It offers ease of use, good quality, and a physical privacy cover for added security. Users have reported positive experiences, using it for online calls and video chats without any issues. It’s a reliable and affordable option for enhancing your communication experience.


  • The webcam comes with a physical privacy cover slide, providing innovative and fashionable privacy protection.
  • The webcam has a high resolution of 1080P and is equipped with low-light correction, ensuring sharp and clear images even in dimly lit areas.
  • The webcam has a 70° ultra angle lens, perfect for personal use and online conferences, while also protecting your privacy.


  • The webcam’s image sensor is sensitive to pulsating light from LED sources, causing wavy lines in the image.
  • The webcam operates at a frame rate of 30fps, which may not be ideal for fast-paced movement or action.
  • The webcam does not come with a built-in privacy cover, requiring users to manually adjust or cover the lens when not in use.


    Overall, the EMEET C950 webcam exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and value for money. Its innovative features, such as the physical privacy cover and noise-canceling microphone, added convenience and privacy to my online communication. The image quality was excellent, and the webcam’s compatibility with a range of video tools made it a versatile option for various applications.

    If you’re in need of a reliable and user-friendly webcam for online meetings, classes, or video chats, I highly recommend considering the EMEET C950. It offers impressive features at an affordable price point, making it a great investment for enhancing your virtual communication experience.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Is the installation process easy?

    Answer: Yes, the webcam is plug-and-play, meaning it can be set up quickly and easily without the need for additional drivers.

    Question: Can the webcam be used with different operating systems?

    Answer: Yes, the webcam is highly compatible and can be used with Windows (Win7, 10, 11), MacOS (10.10 and above), Android TV V7.0 and above, Linux, and more.

    Question: Does the webcam have a microphone?

    Answer: Yes, the webcam is equipped with a noise-canceling microphone, providing enhanced sound quality for online calls and videos.

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