Elebase USB-C Adapter 4 Pack: Versatile and Affordable Solution for USB-A to USB-C Connections


The Elebase USB to USB C Adapter 4 Pack is a versatile and affordable solution for connecting USB-C devices to devices with USB-A ports. With its compact design and reliable performance, these adapters are a convenient choice for users who need to bridge the gap between different connection interfaces.

I recently purchased the Elebase USB to USB C Adapter 4 Pack for my new iPhone 15, which utilizes a USB-C port. As my car only has a regular USB port, these adapters proved to be a lifesaver. They seamlessly connect my phone to the car’s USB port, allowing me to charge my device while on the go. The adapters fit snugly and securely into both the USB-A and USB-C ports, ensuring a stable connection without any dropouts or interruptions.

In addition to car charging, I have also used these adapters for various other purposes. From connecting my phone to my laptop for file transfers to plugging in my USB-C headphones, the Elebase adapters have proven to be highly versatile. They provide a reliable and fast connection, allowing me to make the most out of my USB-C devices even when faced with a limited number of USB-A ports.

Affordable and Effective iPhone 15 Solution


The Elebase USB to USB C Adapter 4 Pack has been a cost-effective and practical solution for my new iPhone 15, which uses a USB C port. As my car only has a regular USB port, these adapters proved to be a simple and affordable way to connect my phone. The converters work seamlessly, providing a reliable connection for charging. If you’re in need of a budget-friendly solution for adapting USB C to a regular USB port, the Elebase adapters are a great choice. They’ve worked well for me, and I highly recommend them!

Great Plug Adapters


The connecting ends fit tight. I have used them to attach my phone to my laptop for photo transfer. I have attached my portable SSD drive to my computer to transfer files. I used it to plug my phone into the USB A port in my car to charge it. Every application I have used, the adapters work great!

Surprisingly Impressed


Well, I couldn’t decide after upgrading to the new iPhone with USB-C port if I should get a bunch of new wall blocks or a pack of adapters. I showed these to my boyfriend, and we agreed the price was reasonable enough to try before shelling out for multiple USB-C blocks vs. USB-A (why are they more expensive? The hole is smaller 😂). ANYWAY, these are awesome!! Sooo versatile and nifty. Stashing one in the car and one on the desk and nightstand permanently 😌 I’m hoping the quality lasts and they don’t stop working after a few weeks like some OTHER cheap cords/adapters. But they feel super sturdy, and my boyfriend and I were both pleasantly surprised at how cool and useful they are. Will definitely be ordering another set or two for the household.

Work Great. Colors help.


These adapters work very well, though they fit very tightly into the USB port. I had to use a tool (pliers around a cloth) to pull it out of one port. I got the purple, which is nice for easily identifying which adapter it is as well as where it is. In use, they work very well, make connection, and seem to charge at the speed of the cable it supports. Necessary addition during the “switch” to the new port.

Perfect for RV USB plugs


My RV had standard USB plugs, but new iPhones use USB-C, so this made the easier conversion and was super cheap! Works great!

Small low profile… great for vehicle or home use

Upgraded to iPhone 15, but my cars are USB 3. These are a perfect small unobtrusive solution to convert to USB 4/C. Functional and great quality.

Super useful in a world of multiple connections

Too often these sets are mixed fittings, so you need one of the three, but you probably need multiples. This set was exactly what I needed. With all my Hubs being USB 3 and all the cords coming out USB-C, these saved the day. The connections are strong, and there is no observable loss of signal quality or transfer speed. The C-connection is firm and stable (some are loose and wobbly). All four connectors were of the same look, finish, and quality material. This is a good choice if you need adapters.

iPhone 15 adapter necessity

This product is exactly what I needed. When I updated to the iPhone 15 from iPhone XR, my phone would not connect to Apple CarPlay like it used to. It meant I could not display GPS navigation on my car’s info screen. I could still use GPS apps on my phone without connecting to CarPlay, but I missed the convenience. After trying and failing a number of software strategies, I finally got around to buying these adapters. They work like a charm! If you’ve been having difficulty with your iPhone and CarPlay, look no further than these adapters. Because they’re so tiny, I keep the extras where I can find them in case one is lost. You’ll definitely want a 4 pack. The item arrived quickly from the seller and worked out of the box.


These are so useful to have and work well with my Apple products.

Great product

Great little product that makes connections to old USBs very easy.

Convert iPhone 15 to older USB

Perfect for USB-A to USB-C to plug my new iPhone 15 into my old USB ports on my sofa. The speedy delivery service was excellent, thank you.


  • Affordable and cost-effective solution for adapting USB-C to USB-A ports.
  • Provides a reliable connection for charging and data transfer.
  • Compact and durable design with a variety of color options.


  • Adapters may fit tightly into USB ports, requiring additional effort to remove.
  • Not suitable for video exportation or use with video output devices.
  • Some users experienced difficulty with the adapters fitting into USB-A ports.


    Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the Elebase USB to USB C Adapter 4 Pack. It offers an affordable and effective solution for connecting USB-C devices to devices with USB-A ports. The adapters are well-built, with an aluminum alloy shell that ensures durability and stability. The compact size allows them to stay plugged in without protruding, eliminating the need for constant plugging and reducing wear on the adapters and device ports.

    Furthermore, the vibrant color options not only add a touch of style but also make it easy to identify and differentiate between multiple adapters. The 4-pack option provides great value for money, ensuring that you have extras on hand or can share them with friends and family.

    With a high rating of 4.6 out of 5 and over 36,000 positive reviews, it’s clear that the Elebase USB to USB C Adapter 4 Pack has won the trust and satisfaction of many customers. I highly recommend these adapters to anyone in need of a reliable and budget-friendly solution for connecting USB-C devices to USB-A ports.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Are these adapters compatible with all USB-C devices?

    Answer: Yes, these adapters can be used with any USB-C enabled device.

    Question: Can these adapters be used for charging and data transfer?

    Answer: Absolutely, these adapters are fully capable of charging devices and duplicating files.

    Question: Is there a warranty or guarantee for this product?

    Answer: Yes, each product comes with a 12-month worry-free service plan, offering a new one or a full refund if the product does not meet your expectations.

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